Pacific Rim (2013)

Newton Geiszler на АО3
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Designations Congruent with Things cleanwhiteroom, макси
Anyone who wants to drill into Dr. Geiszler's skull must first build him a ziggurat.
Drs. Geiszler and Gottlieb deal with the complexities of the post-drift psychological state in a fine-ass, mature blaze of physics puns, banter, poorly prepared meals, questionable wardrobe choices, and science. A story of cognitive dissonance and emotional devotion.
+ приквел Out of Many Scattered Things макси
That Ocean Is Not Silent bluestar, джен, закончен
Creating a safe bond between humans in the Drift is hard enough. No matter how great the need, some paths aren't meant to be taken.
+ сиквел Strange, Far Places и The Hosanna Anteversal в процессе
Anthology irisbleufic, цикл, закончен
There's still some blank canvas, and nothing left to do but fill it; inscribe the body all you like, but you'll find it's the seldom-skimmed texts between head and heart that you have to watch out for ([a]nd then go home. Or make a home. And rest.)
Slings & Arrows meggie272, в процессе - удален
So he’d like to put his hands all over Hermann’s face, and not even in that kind of way; more like: we survived, I’m freaking out, my chest is a giant empty cavern of fear and my mind feels like a bruise, can you stop talking, let’s just be alive for a little while.
Being alive after the apocalypse is hard. Dealing with the monsters in your head is hard. Realising that the most irritating man in the world is the only thing keeping you from drowning in your own brain, that's hard too.
Thicker than blood Tashilover, Girl!Newt AU, в процессе.
There were a few things Newt regretted in her life. Getting pregnant by Hannibal Chau was one of them.
The Beginning Is Often The End Weird Science (setoboo)
Newton believes he's going to die, and instead of telling anyone decides he's going to hole away in America and wait for the inevitable. Hermann, slowly, puts the pieces together.
Moribund monoclejack, в процессе - удален
If you were told you had an uncertain amount of time left to live, how would you choose to spend that time?
Theory and Chalk orphan_account, в процессе, заморожен
Newt and Hermann blunder their way through 3 Shatterdomes' worth of arguments, tensions and misgivings. The PPDC is a bag of dicks, the Earth has a chronic illness, and time stops for no man. Or something. From one cranky disabled scientist to another: I detest you, but nobody else understands about the shower chair.
One Flew Over мпрег
To fill the void left by staving off the apocalypse, Newt decides to conduct a little experiment. After all, it's not like his ideas being terrible and dangerous has ever stopped him before.
Do Not Go Gentle в процессе
Hey Hermann, it's been a few days, right? I think we need to sit down and have a talk - yeah, yeah, let's talk, because I don't want you to get the wrong idea about the things you saw in my head that night.
non-definitive acts lymricks, закончен
Hermann had thought, foolishly, that they would both sleep soundly if the world did not end.
Nautilus Euphorion, AU - Convention, закончен.
Newt really, really wants to go to the convention for the best scifi film of the last 20 years, Atlantic Edge, but he doesn't have the money.
Or: Newt and Hermann have to pretend to be engaged, everyone has a sad past, Mako owns a coffee shop, Raleigh's a giant puppy, and Hannibal Chau writes self-insert fanfic.
Generated Affects Trell (selkath), закончен
Twelve is you washing your hands ten times up to the elbow in the space of the half an hour you spend prepping kaiju entrails for long-term cryo. It's him that stops you, him that struggles over to the sink on his cane and grabs you by the wrists, hands fitting perfectly over the open maws of Hundun and Yamarashi, and he says "Stop," and "Newton, think, this isn't like you, it is like—" and the me hangs unspoken but you get it, let him guide you over to a bench in the lab and force you to sit still long enough to tone down the compulsion.
Anteverse Refugee Skull_Bearer, кайдзю-Германн, цикл.
All of Your Flaws and All of My Flaws CinnamonCake, закончен
Hermann is still there tomorrow and the day after and Newton tries to not break his face with the door again.
Complementary theonlytwin, закончен
1. Completing; forming a complement.
2. (of two or more different things) Combining in such a way as to enhance or emphasize each other's qualities.
El Condor Pasa multicoloredgypsy, в процессе, заморожен
Newton Geiszler/Hermann Gottlieb/Vanessa Gottlieb, baby Gottlieb, Post Movie, newt is an awkward houseguest
Newt had expected the world to end, while Hermann had hoped that it wouldn't... and now that it hadn't, Newt's finding life significantly less exciting than when he'd been fighting for it with all he was worth.

Фики на русском
Адские машины желаний доктора Готтлиба или тут Кшесински (rockatansky), слэш, миди, психология
— У нас с самого начала не было шансов. Ты вообще знаешь про первую парадигму пилотов?
— «Входи в дрифт пустым»?
— Нет, Ньютон, не это. Я говорю о той, которая гласит: «Нервная организация пилота егеря должна быть чуть сложнее, чем у ланцетника, но не очень сильно». Человек с мозгами не в состоянии пережить вторжение в собственную голову.

Don't let me be misunderstood МКБ-10, мини, броманс, оптимистическая трагедия (болезнь Лу Геринга)
Дела семейные ju1a, юмор, драббл с ЗФБ по Тихоокеанскому рубежу.
По заявке: Лёша Кайдановский очень боится свою будущую тещу и всячески откладывает момент истины. Сашу это все дико забавляет и она периодически подливает масла в огонь, чтоб милый не расслаблялся, и когда наконец деваться становится просто некуда, Алексей идет на встречу, как на эшафот...

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